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Won Connect CIC

Won Connect CIC is a non-profit organisation that helps people connect to the internet, devices



Summary of services

Types of services offered Won Connect CIC is a non-profit organization that helps people connect to the internet, devices, and digital skills. Won Connect CIC offers the following services: Digital inclusion support: Won Connect CIC provides a range of digital inclusion support services, including: Helping people get online and set up their devices Providing training on how to use the internet and digital devices Offering support with online applications and services Community engagement: Won Connect CIC works with communities to develop and deliver digital inclusion programs and services. This includes working with local organisations, businesses, and residents to identify and address digital needs. Research and advocacy: Won Connect CIC conducts research on the impact of digital exclusion and advocates for policies and programs that promote digital inclusion. Digital skills training: Won Connect CIC provides digital skills training to individuals and businesses. This training covers a range of topics, including: Basic computer skills Internet safety Using social media Online shopping Volunteering: Won Connect CIC relies on volunteers to help deliver its services. Volunteers can provide a range of support, including: Helping people with their devices Teaching digital skills classes Providing administrative support If you are interested in learning more about Won Connect CIC or in getting involved as a volunteer, you can visit their website at www.wonconnect.org.uk.

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Duration: 60 days

Price range: £500 to £1000

Themes: Mental health and wellbeing, Skills development

Target group: Ethnic minority communities, Older people, Women and/or girls only, Young people

Group size: Groups: small 2-10, Individuals

Delivery method: In-person, Online

Service area: East Renfrewshire, Glasgow City, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire