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The Community Wellbeing Exchange is a small virtual marketplace for social enterprises who offer mental health services to find new business, and for community anchor organisations who wish to provide mental health services, an opportunity to find new, not for profit suppliers. The CWE uses a partnership approach to deliver local mental health services that hinge on the interaction between different networks and partnerships.

Not only has this delivered cost effective mental health services to local communities, the CWE has also enabled a whole range of new relationships to develop that would not have existed without the catalyst of the CWE to bring them together. It has enabled money to be recycled around the sector locally, as well as creating partnerships and networks that have sustained beyond the commissioned piece of work. The approach is meaningfully regenerative and distributive, by supporting the social foundation to strengthen local wellbeing economies and networks. 

It’s likely you’ll have communicated with one or more of the networks who have formed a partnership to support the CWE. Whether you have successfully accessed funding from one of the networks to buy in services or are a social enterprise supplier, these networks are here to support your wellbeing exchanges. CHEX, SES and SCHW work in partnership to support the CWE across Scotland.This year welcomes a new partnership supporting wellbeing exchanges in Rutherglen and Cambuslang via Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire (VASLAN), South Lanarkshire Council and Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust.