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Treetop Rocks

Providing treetop ascension for both kids and adults.



Summary of services

Types of services offered Incorporating arborist techniques we show clients how to ascend into the canopy of mature trees. By manipulating a series of knots you can find yourself up to 30m in the air. Rediscover the joy of tree climbing and see the world from a birds eye point of view. As an activity, this can be quite challenging depending on your fitness, but once aloft, being in nature, and relaxing high in the leafy branches brings its own sense of calm and wonder.

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Duration: 1 hour

Price range: £25pp

Themes: Mental health and wellbeing, Nature, Outdoor learning, Skills development

Target group: Ethnic minority communities, Faith community, LGBTQ+ community, Men and/or boys only, Women and/or girls only, Young people

Group size: Groups: large 10-30, Groups: small 2-10, Individuals

Delivery method: In-person

Service area: Glasgow City, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire