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The holding space SCIO SC052309

Support mental health and wellbeing of children and families, early intervention and preventative work



Summary of services

Types of services offered Mental health support, various therapies such as animal assisted therapy, art therapy, nurtured by nature using nature as therapy, trauma informed therapy, coping strategies for children, young people and families. Relationship based practice to support children and young people reach their developmental potential. Independent living skills such as cooking , budgeting, safety and well being. Yoga and mediation, mindfulness

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Duration: 6 week blocks for 1-2 hour per session for 10-15 children

Price range: £600-£700 per block

Themes: Arts, Mental health and wellbeing, Nature, Outdoor learning, Skills development, Trauma informed

Target group: People with disabilities, Young people

Group size: Groups: large 10-30, Groups: small 2-10, Individuals

Delivery method: In-person

Service area: North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire