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No. 18 Venue

Number 18 offers a wide range of activities aimed at connecting and benefiting the community.



Summary of services

Types of services offered Ante-natal workshops Baby massage - 5 week block Community cinema screenings Creative workshops - Art / Crafts Dance class - a range of dance styles suitable for Early Years / Adults / Seniors Early Years Play Sessions Fitness classes - Ketllercise / DrumFit / Body Boost Bingo / Sit Fit Skills based workshops - Jewellery Making / Balloon Modelling / Photography Venue hire - Events Space / Meeting Room Well-being classes - Qigong / songwriting therapy / singing

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Duration: 1 hour - 8 hours

Price range: £18 - £750

Themes: Arts, Dance and fitness, Mental health and wellbeing, Pregnancy and maternity, Skills development

Target group: Ethnic minority communities, Faith community, LGBTQ+ community, Men and/or boys only, Older people, People with disabilities, Women and/or girls only, Young people

Group size: Groups: large 10-30, Groups: small 2-10, Individuals

Delivery method: In-person

Service area: South Lanarkshire