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Heal Scotland

Heal Scotland is a not-for-profit organisation that provides educational resources & events to help the people of Scotland take control of their health & well-being to live the best possible quality of life.



Summary of services

Types of services offered Access to a range of events, including Scotlands Wild Medicine Festival, as well as one to one support, including: EFT, breathwork, meditation and cold water immersion. Also access to a number of Goddess Gathering Events across the country.

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Duration: From 1 hr for one to one to full weekend access at evebts

Price range: £40 - £80

Themes: Mental health and wellbeing, Nature

Target group: People with disabilities, Women and/or girls only

Group size: Groups: small 2-10, Individuals

Delivery method: In-person, Online

Service area: Aberdeen City, Argyll and Bute, City of Edinburgh, Dundee City, Glasgow City