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GrowFree Community Foundation (GFCF)

GrowFree Community Foundation (GFCF) brings together lived and professional experience (peers, practitioners, and families) to break inter-generational cycles trauma and co-create new models for education, health and wellbeing.


Summary of services

Types of services offered Types of Service Offered: We offer training, courses, workshops, events, peer support, community, gatherings and more, that aim to reconnect individuals, groups and organisations with nature and their innate capacity to heal and be creative. We offer free taster introductory sessions to practitioners and approaches and courses that offer a route-map for trauma recovery and principles for peer support. We have commercial offerings alongside our not-for-profit ones aligned with our mission and values. These support the delivery of free or semi-funded offerings. We have a mix of online, in-person and outdoor, nature-based offerings, set within a seasonal calendar.

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Duration: A few hours to multi-day workshops/events, six week courses, to year-long training.

Price range: Free - £16.50 per therapeutic session - £75-95 course - £450-£1600 for trainings.

Themes: Mental health and wellbeing, Nature, Trauma informed

Target group:

Group size: Groups: large 10-30, Groups: small 2-10, Individuals

Delivery method:

Service area: Aberdeenshire