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"Off-grid oasis fosters education, therapy, and empowerment, nurturing wellness in a sustainable, green community space.



Summary of services

Types of services offered Our leadership packages offers a unique approach to navigating uncertainty and adapting to change. It draws inspiration from the shared leadership dynamics observed in how horses lead their herds. Our holistic programs includes Equine-Assisted Therapy, where horses play a vital role in personal and leadership development. Additionally, there is a range of branded merchandise designed by young participants, We are an off-grid event space for immersive experiences, and overnight wild camping opportunities We provide traditional equestrian sports and team-building activities are also part of this comprehensive leadership package, providing a diverse and transformative learning experience.

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Duration: 1-12hrs

Price range: £20-£10000

Themes: Arts, Mental health and wellbeing, Nature, Outdoor learning, Respite, Skills development, Sports, Trauma informed

Target group: Dementia friendly, Ethnic minority communities, Faith community, LGBTQ+ community, Men and/or boys only, People with disabilities, Women and/or girls only, Young people

Group size: No limit

Delivery method: In-person, Online

Service area: Scottish Borders