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Boomerang Woodworking CIC

Our focus is on learning, skills development and creativity in sustainable woodworking for wellbeing.



Summary of services

Types of services offered We offer workshops that are open to the public, or to specific groups including women only, disabilities, prison leavers, young people in woodworking, and woodcrafts such as woodcarving. We also work with other community groups who are aiming to improve wellbeing, growing spaces and outdoor fun by designing and building their growing or outdoor spaces such as planters, raised beds, benches, sensory gardens etc.

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Duration: workshops are 2-3 hours, often over multiple weeks

Price range: Workshops start at approx. £120 per 3 hour class for up to 8 people, price can reduce for block bookings

Themes: Arts, Mental health and wellbeing, Recycling and circular economy, Skills development

Target group: Ethnic minority communities, Men and/or boys only, Older people, People with disabilities, Women and/or girls only, Young people

Group size: Groups: small 2-10

Delivery method: In-person

Service area: Glasgow City