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We would like to offer 6 wellbeing workshops which can be delivered weekly on Zoom over 6 weeks or available as a single workshop with the topic of your choice We’ll look at: 1. An Introduction to Mindfulness – mindful chocolate eating, mandala work, grounding using our senses and progressive muscle relaxation2. Emotions – techniques for identifying, managing your emotions and self soothing ending with a Mountain meditation 3. Gratitude – the importance of practising gratitude, gratitude meditations and a practical exercise 4. Being Kind To Yourself – self compassion practices and ideas ending with a Loving Kindness meditation 5. Ditch Self Doubt – building inner strength, changing your internal soundtrack, affirmations and goal setting 6. Peace and Pamper – self care discussion and handwarming visualisation whilst pampering with some treats In each workshop you'll learn various self-care tools and techniques to help you stay calmer, feel more relaxed, manage your emotions and shift your mindset.  On offer is An Introduction to Mindfulness, Managing Emotions, Gratitude, Self-Compassion, Dealing with your Inner Critic and Self Care.

Target Group

Target Group: Suitable for staff team, volunteers and anyone who they support.  Maximum of 8 participants per Zoom session


Cost: £100 per session or £500 for all six sessions

Delivery Method