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Wellbeing @ Work -workplace wellbeing service


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The service includes: 

    • Unlimited access to library of wellbeing pre-recorded classes and courses including Pilates, yoga and meditation as well as live weekly classes
    • Organisational wellbeing check-up
    • Wellbeing newsletter
The service is a preventative approach to allow employees to incorporate a regular self-care routine and therefore manage their stress and anxiety levels and encourage a healthy lifestyle.    “I regularly use the Strength for posture video and have seen the benefits as am spending much of my day sitting.”   "I cannot thank you enough for the last six weeks. I found the sessions to be very useful and eye opening" "The stretch series has been a life saver - part of my daily routine now!" 

Target Group

12 month subscriptions available; purchased by organisation or available as subsidised offering, for staff/volunteers/board members. Minimum 10 users, no maximum.   (for less than 10 users, please speak to us directly)    Service available nationwide as accessed entirely online. 


Price on request; dependent on size and type of organisation – please correct spelling of organisation thank you

Delivery Method