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Wellbeing @ Work -workplace wellbeing service


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The service includes: 

  • Unlimited access to library of wellbeing pre-recorded classes including Pilates, yoga and meditation and live weekly classes 
  • Monthly pop-up wellbeing workshops and Q & A 
  • organisational wellbeing check-up  


The service is a preventative approach to allow employees to incorporate a regular self-care routine and therefore manage their stress and anxiety levels and encourage a healthy lifestyle. 


“I regularly use the Strength for posture video and have seen the benefits as am spending much of my day sitting.” 


"The stretch series has been a life saver - part of my daily routine now!" 

Target Group

6 or 12 month subscriptions available; purchased by organisation for whichever user base they would like, including staff members/volunteers/board members.  

Minimum 10 users, no maximum.  

(for less than 10 users, please speak to us directly) 


Service available nationwide as accessed entirely online. 


Price on request; dependent on size and type of organistaion (reduced cost for 3rd sector organisations) 

Delivery Method