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WOW sessions are feel good photo walks in nature! Usually the group meets at a local green space, is given cameras, photo tips and inspiration and we are led on a guided nature walk by a skilled participatory arts facilitator. We come together, share experiences, focus on pics of nature and in doing so we benefit from gentle exercise, creativity and social connections, in bonnie surroundings!  

All activities are outdoors (in any weather). All sessions are fully Covid19 compliant (possible in areas up to Tier 3).  

These creative, nature-based therapeutic sessions are loved by all!  

Target Group

Anyone can take part in WOW sessions. Since 2017 over 250 people have taken part in these workshops, just coming along individually to open sessions, or as part of organised groups. We have worked with housing associations, refugee support groups, mental health support groups, academic institutions, family groups, and many more. We can tailor session to suit all ages, all abilities. We can run one off workshops or a project of 6-8 sessions(maximised, for enhanced, ongoing wellbeing) 

Workshops can have up to 15 participants


For a one-off 2-3 hour photo walk this costs around £250. (This includes prep, equipment hire, staff time and a selection of digital images for each participant).  


This fee covers the cost of a facilitator (approx. 6 hours work in total, at Scottish Artist Union Rate of Pay). + covers hire of cameras,   &  relevant insurances

Delivery Method

In person