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Wellbeing in the workplace


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Service delivery: Creative workshops to support wellbeing in the workplace. Package of 6-week blocks of workshops (45 mins-full day). 6 weeks enables participants time to connect with each other, build confidence and explore challenges. Delivery method: online, in person or blended. Participation: Usually small groups (up to 8 participants), to gain maximum impact, but we have expertise in delivering programming to single groups of up to 70 individuals at one time. Outcomes: Empowerment, peer connections/teamwork, resilience, mindfulness. Our artist facilitators are experienced at working with people of all ages from young children to seniors, people with disabilities and dementia diagnosis.

Target Group

- Community based teams

- Rurally disconnected teams

- Specific groups within an organisation i.e. menopause-support of general workforce wellbeing packages bringing together a diverse group of individuals.

- Geographical Reach: UK wide for online programming. Argyll & Bute, West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow for face to face.


£1,500 for a 6-week block of 45min sessions delivered to up to 8 people (including materials)

£1,112 for half day off the shelf workshop delivered up to 20 people (including materials)

£1,436 for full day off the shelf workshop delivered up to 20 people (including materials)

Delivery Method

In person & online