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Being well does not just mean the absence of disease. It also means meeting our basic human needs such as connection to nature, love and belonging, meaning and purpose, self-worth, creativity, learning, laughter. We need to find the things that bring us joy and make us feel good, and do more of them.  This is an 8 week wellbeing small group course which works with you to explore ideas of: 

  • understanding stress and anxiety 
  • how to challenge negative thoughts 
  • mindfulness, meditation and relaxation 
  • sleep and nutrition 
and we’ll be with you every step of the way.     https://www.rippleproject.co.uk/wellbeing    Our courses can be used together or separately. 

Target Group

 5 min to 8 max 


£200.00 per participant for an 8 week programme (plus 1 pre and 1 post individual session).   2.5 hours per session   If booked together with the Food and Mood course the total cost would be £325.00 per participant.  

Delivery Method

In person