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Supporting Your Child With Resilience and Calm

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This 1.5h introductory course explores how we can counter anxiety in children.  

Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry or unease we all experience from time to time. However, many children and young people in Scotland feel their worries can stop them from doing things they want and need to do. As adults, we can learn techniques to support them and ourselves to have calmer happier lives. 

Target Group

Individuals working with children or parents/carers 


Participant’s lived experience and professional experiences are held and welcomed equally as part of the group. 


Costs are for online or Moray based delivery. Out of Moray in- person available quotes on request.  


£40pp: Individual spaces available on regular mixed courses  

£270: bespoke closed course. 

  • max 20 participants per activity  
  • Report with feedback is included in course costs. 

Discounts for existing partners and Moray based organisations / individuals. 

Online prices. In-person costs available on request. 

Delivery Method

In person & online