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Storytelling Session

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 Can be delivered as a one off workshop. 

Our Storyteller will share traditional and/or contemporary stories with the group and facilitate gentle activities designed to promote conversation and connection in a relaxed environment.  


The session and stories can be tailored for any group exploring themes or to coincide with events such as International Women’s Day, Black History Month, World Kindness Day etc.  


Storytelling workshops allow people to lose themselves in fiction, to forget for a moment about the worries and problems in their lives and immerse themselves in the story.   

Target Group

 This can be delivered with any group and with all ages.   

Minimum participants – 4 

No Maximum 


This may be delivered on a face to face basis or digitally.  

We have used Facebook Live or Zoom for previous sessions and can also make pre-recorded videos when requested.  



 £120 per hour long session 

£150 for a session from 1.5 -2.5 hours 


Costs may be increased if the project requires particular materials (and any resulting postage) or additional research or development – this will be developed alongside the commissioning partner. 


Delivery Method