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Via our Peace of Mind program we support the development of local community groups for people who are and have been experiencing isolation and social exclusion to access interests that will help them in their daily lives.    As well as tasty savoury recipes, we can also offer workshops on vegan home baking so that you can to learn about feelgood sweet treats, cakes and biscuits that are entirely plant based.    2 hour workshops, 1 hr practical tutorial, with 1hr for Q & A and food tasting. Free recipe booklets included    Content can be tailored to groups interest, and run either as a one off workshop or a bespoke course of 4 workshops. 

Target Group

Third sector


T.B.D   Discount of block of 4 sessions for £360    Travel time if going to partner venue, charged at £15 per hour plus cost of travel. 

Delivery Method

In person