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Wellbeing Workshops


These workshops were designed in partnership between SSF and SAMH by young people for young people aged 11-25.  Each workshop uses a series of physical activities to explore mental health & wellbeing and highlight the importance of being physically active for overall wellbeing.   There are five separate workshops which explore: 

  • What causes stress?  What causes stress, how it affects you and how you can manage it. 
  • What is anxiety?  What is anxiety, what effects can it have and how to manage your own anxiety. 
  • Motivation: How motivation can help your mental health and wellbeing and the importance of finding what works for you. 
  • Social Interactions: The impact positive social interactions can have on your mental health. 
  • Pressure: What pressure can look like and its affect on your mental health. 
 Time to complete each workshop: 90 minutes   Can be delivered online or face to face.   

Target Group

Up to 15 participants   Age 11-25  Delivered by SSF and SAMH Wellbeing Ambassadors and may be of particular interest to young people who are experiencing challenges in relation to these topics and who would benefit from the opportunity to connect with peers to understand and explore their feelings and learn about how physical activity can help to improve their wellbeing. 


£245 per workshop 

Delivery Method

In person & online