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Delivered in group settings or face to face at community or national festivals throughout Scotland. 

Many men treat their cars better than themselves and expect to drop their body off at their doctor and pick it up when its fixed. 

MOT 4 MEN is a masculine concept that raises awareness of Men’s Health issues using the analogy of a car’s MOT to encourage men to adopt the concept of regular mechanical tunes ups and apply it to their own health to provoke positive change in men’s lifestyles and help seeking behaviours which leads to improved health outcomes for men. 

Target Group

Maximum group numbers 15. 

Festivals will accommodate as many males as possible. 

Available to community groups and workplaces.


Costs varies and we can attract some funding if given enough notice or work in partnership to attract funding.  

Breakdown costs usually work out at around £25 per head. 

This is based on minimum 15 participants, so minimum cost would be £350.

Check with us to see what funding we have available. 

Delivery Method

In person