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Mind and Draw Online Drawing Sessions

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A series of 4 to 6 drawing sessions consisting of creating artwork step by step from starting with the outline to adding colour.    These artworks will be based on places and landmarks from around the world. These sessions will be in a group setting and will be done virtually via ZOOM.    Mind and draw is a community project that offers workshops and sessions with the aim of letting people express themselves and build confidence through the art of being creative Each session provides anyone the chance to draw through the mind and draw creative exercises and also creating artwork together throughout the sessions.     Mind and Draw isn't a place for teaching you how to draw I believe anyone can draw and this project is an open workshop and community where people can come in and just draw or paint and chat to others in the group without any pressure.      Length of online session – 90 minutes      What is needed for the session: 

  • Paper ·  
  • Pen or pencil for outline ·  
  • Colour materials like colour pens or pencils or crayons. 

Target Group

Aimed at people you have an interest in art.   All ages are abilities are welcomed for these sessions.    Max attendees - 20 


My Cost to deliver the sessions will be:  £60 per session (including VAT)

Delivery Method