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Mind and Draw Creative Session  (face to face)

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2-hour session. These sessions will be delivered face to face in a group.  A 2-hour creative session consisting of creative exercises.

  • Blind drawing portrait
  • Landscape artwork (Step by step)
  • Morse code patterns
  • Step by step (Poster Making)
  • Painting to music
  • Word Collaboration
  • Poster making
  This can be a one-off session or a series of sessions. We will be using a variety of materials and I will be providing step by step instructions on how to use them and create lovely art. Throughout the session we will be going through different exercises and creating art. The goal is to have fun and chat with others in the group.   The hope with these sessions is to learn and take some of the tips from the creative exercises and share with others outside or do at home.

Target Group

Aimed at people you have an interest in art. All ages are abilities are welcomed for these sessions.   Max attendees = 15   Materials will be provided by me          


My Cost to deliver the sessions will be: £80 per session (including VAT)

Delivery Method

In person