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Heat Pad


Heat Pad with infrared heat will help the client to keep warm. The infrared will help with pain and allow the client to move easier. Our unique heat pad is made with a polymer and not wires. It  can be plugged into any usb charger (not included) then into mains and can be used every day all day for 50 pence a month with energy prices going up this would be an amazing help with their energy bills. Heat the person not the room. It is also intrinsically safe won’t overheat or burn, it is only 5volts. If the client has a carer they can put heat pad on a timer for the person  getting up and going to bed. Maybe for someone who is blind, or have Alzheimer’s.  

For more information check our website for demo and testimonials. 


Or phone Jean 07726971317 

Feel The Warmth CIC eBay shop 


Target Group

One person 

Group of ten one heat pad free 

We are open to everyone.  

We are not for profit. 

We have some ex stock we will 

Give free to the homeless etc. 



 £299.90 + 1 

Delivery Method

In person