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Face to face, Live streamed and ON DEMAND dance and fitness classes

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Orkney Dance & Fitness Ltd provide dance/fitness/exercise classes in the local community in community centres. We also have an online presence. As the internet service improves in Orkney, all classes I teach will also be live streamed. Some already are as the infrastructure has been put in place. We also have on demand classes, as many of the classes are recorded. Classes can be accessed anywhere by anyone and for those outwith Orkney (I have someone down in Inverness and others in the outer isles signed up) they can join for just £15 month. The difference with ODAF is we are a community. We have a Christmas party, outings, online quiz nights, coffee mornings etc. So people feel they belong to something and it's very much people led.

Target Group

12 - 100


£15 per month

Delivery Method

In person & online