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DRUMBEAT is a highly effective, evidence-based programme which helps participants to reduce stress, build self-esteem, increase emotional wellbeing and improve relationships thereby achieving positive outcomes for people. Using African Djembe drums it incorporates hand drumming, behavioural therapeutic principles and cognitive and dialectical elements to achieve positive outcomes.  

DRUMBEAT facilitates the social and emotional skills for healthy relationships and values. This process of                re-connection with self and interconnection with others enables profound social and behavioural change. The programme can lead to: Better self-esteem, sense of belonging, co-operation and emotional stability; Decreased stress and anxiety; Improved relationships and interaction with others.

Target Group

This is a mobile programme and can travel anywhere in Scotland and is targeted at groups of people looking to increase their self-esteem or levels of resilience and it is also effective for team building for workplaces. 

Maximum group numbers 10. 

This works best as a 10 - 12 weekprogramme but can be delivered as a one off workshops. 


Costs varies and we can attract some funding if given enough notice or work in partnership to attract funding.  

Costs are usually around £350 per session. 

Check with us to see what funding we have available.

Delivery Method

In person