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Art, Craft and Making virtual workshops in the time of Covid 19


Project Ability

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If you have access to the internet and appropriate tech we deliver virtual creative workshops. One-off craft session or a block of eight, our art tutors can design and deliver workshops tailored to your needs, interests and requirements in the comfort of your own home, or group setting.  A worksheet is sent out prior to the session to give you time to plan and gather materials.  Materials will almost always be basic craft supplies which will be easy to get your hands on.  If you want to explore a particular technique or a more elaborate process we can supply materials. 

Target Group

Workshop can be up to 6 people and will last 45 mins to one hour. 

Our art tutors are experienced at working with people of all ages from young children to seniors and people with disabilities; supporting them to be creative and engage with visual art.  

Virtual workshops can reach people anywhere in the country with access to the internet access; laptop, tablet or smart phone 


The cost is £125 per session. 

Delivery Method