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Applied Storytelling Programme

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Can be delivered over a period of 6-10 sessions. 



Through applied storytelling practices, participants will reflect on their experiences, with a focus on hope and resilience. This has a powerful and profoundly positive impact on participant’s well-being, ability to connect with others and ability to imagine positive futures.  


Storytelling is also a way for people to build communication skills and confidence in themselves. It is a wonderful way for people to express themselves and talk about their lives either directly or through fiction. 

Target Group

For communities of interest such as people with ill health, experiencing loss, poor well-being, people in recovery etc. 


Minimum participants – 6 

Maximum participants  10 


This may be delivered on a face to face basis, digitally or in a blended approach.  


£1200 - £2000 



Delivery Method

In person & online